SL22, SL32, SL46, SL68, SL100, SL170, SL220
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Suniso SL32

Product use

Suniso SL synthetic refrigeration oils are formulated with select polyol ester based stocks and additives, providing outstanding lubrication, stability and corrosion protection. Suniso SL oils are miscible with HFC refrigerants at extremely low temperatures.
Suitable for use in compressors of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, working on ozone friendly alternative coolants.

Suniso SL170


HFC       R23, R134a, R234fa, R404a, R407a, R407b, R407c,
              R410a, R507, R508
CFC       R11, R12, R13, R131b1, R113, R114, R500, R502, R503
HCFC    R22, R123, R124, R401a, R402a, R402b, R403b,
              R406a,R408a, R409a


Suniso meets the performance requirements of leading OEMs for use in refrigeration system compressors where the manufacturer specifies a naphthenic mineral oil.

  • Chemical stability to extend service life, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Cleaner operation of the compressor with fewer deposits and failures due to valve sticking.
  • Excellent low temperature performance with no wax deposits to plug the system.
  • Approval by most major equipment manufacturers.

Suniso characteristics

Our factory in Hemiksem is equipped with its own laboratory to conduct in-house tests during the complete production process.

Typical analysis Suniso SL22 ~ SL220

Density at 15°C Viscosity at 40°C Viscosity at 100°C Viscosity index Flash point Pour point Colour Water
SL22 0.990 22.0 cSt 4.6 cSt 127 232°C -48°C L 0.5 < 100ppm
SL32 0.980 32.0 cSt 5.8 cSt 125 235°C -48°C L 0.5 < 100ppm
SL46 0.970 47.2 cSt 7.2 cSt 112 235°C -44°C L 0.5 < 100ppm
SL68 0.960 70.1 cSt 9.1 cSt 105 252°C -36°C L 0.5 < 100ppm
SL100 0.960 100 cSt 11.3 cSt 100 254°C -36°C L 0.5 < 100ppm
SL170 0.990 170 cSt 17.2 cSt 109 260°C -24°C L 0.5 < 100ppm
SL220 0.990 220 cSt 20.8 cSt 111 264°C -30°C L 0.5 < 100ppm